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Software Development

1 If you can dream it, we can build it. From simple mobile apps that connect you to your customers to complex cloud-based web  applications, 3Nineteen can bring your ideas to life.  Over the years, we’ve built just about anything you can imagine, including real-time dataprocessing systems for tracking aircraft, AI-based algorithms that predict future asset values, client-facing custom aircraft sales management software and charter sales marketplace solutions, among others. More importantly, regardless of the project, we focus on a complete solution that will achieve results, and our client’s successes tell the story.

Business process and strategy

So you’re at A, and you’d like to get to Z, but there are 24 other stops in your way. Focusing on everything in between is what we do. Whether you’re creating metrics to measure a new sales approach or developing an entirely new aircraft shared ownership business model, we’ll help you methodically work through every last detail, ask the right questions and achieve the results you need.

Merger and Acquisition Support

There are many ways to grow your business and merging with competitors or acquiring related businesses can be a quick path to the next level. However, as with most things in life, success or failure lies in the details. Fortunately for you, the details are where we live so that you can safely evaluate opportunities and navigate the right path to ensure a successful outcome. We’ll walk with you down the path from start to finish by assisting with evaluating target companies, making contact, sending offers, negotiating terms and creating execution strategies, developing and executing contracts, closing the deal and providing post-merger or purchase support.

Aircraft Sales & Management

Over the years, we’ve helped buy, sell or manage just about every kind of plane flying, and we put that experience to work every day for our clients. So what makes us different? Quite simply, our relentless dedication to managing your interests as if they were our own combined with a level of transparency atypical for the industry ensures that you won’t find a better partner. Whether you’re buying or leasing an aircraft that requires management or selling one you already own, we’ll help you get the results you want, every time.

Aircraft Charter Operations Support

In the highly regulated and complex world of Part 135 aircraft charter operations, starting a new company or expanding an existing one successfully takes deep knowledge and experience. Whether you need to stand up a new operation and develop manuals from scratch, expand your company’s operations specifications or simply increase your fleet, we can help you navigate the process quickly and successfully.

Aircraft pre-purchase inspections

We spend a lot of time turning airplanes and their records inside out when helping our clients purchase aircraft, and we can put this experience to work for you.  If you already have your next plane identified but need a thorough pre-purchase inspection, we’re here to help.  Using our detailed inspection process developed over the years when performing aircraft appraisals, our approach ensures that nothing gets missed.  The result?  You get the best value for your money while avoiding aircraft that may end up costing you a lot more than expected during the course of ownership.

Aircraft Appraisals

In combination with our partner Aeronautical Systems, we offer comprehensive appraisal services on all types of private aircraft, from turboprops to ultra-long range models.  Whether you’re financing first plane or exiting a fractional program, our experienced team will ensure that you receive the most accurate value.

About Us

3Nineteen was founded by business Sherpa Jeffrey Reis with the intent of using his diverse  (business speak for “crazy”) background to help aviation related businesses to achieve their potential.

From software development to marketing, mergers & acquisitions, flight operations, maintenance and beyond, Reis’s many experiences (however weird they may be, like helping to put an actual jet on a golf course) serve as the fertile ground from which his clients find inspiration and the support to help their businesses find success.






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